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Westport Pilot 3 Brochure and price list here

The Westport Pilot3 is an open angling boat, ideal for sheltered coastal waters and rated for three crew.  With slender lines she not only cuts through the water, perfect for rowing, but is capable of higher speeds with modest outboards making her fast & economic to run.  With a full internal deck moulding, plenty of locker storage forward & aft and clear open deck areas she is great for family days out to.

Her sleek lines are based on a design develped by the Norwegians for use in and around their Fjords, where the boats are used to get in close to the rocks under oars, or motor, but have good speed to get out and back economically.

The hull is in a simulated clinker style, progressing from a gentle V forward to flatter sections aft incorporating a turn of bilge with large radius giving minimal slow speed resistance, while maintaining lift aft for higher speeds. A moulded keel has been incorporated to promote directional stability when rowing, but reduced in size aft to improve higher speed handling and performance.

Finished is to a high standard with a full internal deck mould, complete with non-slip moulded deck, seating forward, aft and amisdhips and moulded outboard well aft. Cleaning and rinsing is kept simple with an internal drain into the hull and then out through a transom drain.

Deck area is excellent with more than enough space for three anglers and kit and internal freeboard has been kept generous for the style of boat.

Deck cleats are provided, two aft and two forward for mooring and anchoring, with a seperate eye for towing on the stem/bow.

Internal lockers, one forward and one aft (internally split into two) are both fully lined and capable of locking with padlocks. Oars and rowlocks are supplied as standard.


Pilot3 Technical Details

Length (hull)

4.45 m


1.48 m

Boat Weight (excl. engine)

180 kg

CE Category



3 (75Kg each)

Outboard Motor, max

10 hp
Transom Height 458mm suitable for all long shaft outboards and Honda short shaft outbards
Performance, (approximate with single crew) 7hp - 7 knots max.


10hp - 15 knots max.

 Pilot3 Standard Equipment:

  • Hull Drain
  • Towing Eye
  • Anchor Locker
  • Bow & Stern Cleats
  • Forward & Aft Seat Lockers
  • Aft & Amidships S/S Handrails
  • Deck & Hull Drains


  • Oars
Westport Pilot 3