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Welcome to 2021, lets hope its going to be a better year for us all

Due to government regulations and common sense, our shop is closed for the lockdown, (possibly until march) as we are deemed non essential, and lets face it we have knock it on the head once and for all, rather that bending rules and trying to find loop holes. We need to be keeping contact to a minimum, until we can get the vaccine.

We are dealing with enquiries, admin, some orders and mail order, behind the scenes, to the best of our ability, via email and some calls will be diverted, the best email is or phone 01392-216420 or 250970 (limited times, mainly mornings).

We hope that we can do as much a possible to get you ready for the boating season, i would advise customers to plan things/purchases in advance as much as possible, as there will be limited stock, and everythings taking a lot longer to process at present, Due to limited staff and the uncertainty of possible lockdowns etc, we are finding it hard dealing with everything and everybody in these challenging times, everything seems to be far more time consuming and protracted than before, deliveries, supply and things like handovers etc

So please bare with us and we will hopefully deal with your enquiries as soon as possible (we have a high volume of emails at present to work through)

We offer some mail order of equipment

We offer some, call and collect services, and if we are not locked down we have a decent space to walk around
if we are locked down, we will be monitoring phones and emails but due this will not be full time due to staff furloughing)

We can discuss deliveries, which will obviously be limited.

PLEASE NOTE - ref COVID -  protecting you, our staff and our business

When allowed open - we are trying to continue business as usual, but we are obviously having to social distance and things that need handling are harder, so if you are viewing or collecting goods, please try to book a time slot for this where possible.

Please check with us before you visit in case weve gone into lockdown (if locked down we might be able to do some collections etc by appointment, ie call and collect, ie leave by the door, if paid)

iI you are coming a distance to see anything specific, please check its still here, to avoid dissappointment, as stock is changing daily (especially larger one off items, boats etc)

Ring and reserve goods and/or place orders over the phone which we can get in within the next few weeks

If you are visiting the shop,

Please keep at least 2 mtrs away from everybody at all times

Please wear a face covering

Please sanitise your hands before touching anything (and after) and use contactless payment where possible


for 2021, as well a covid we have the following challenges.

Please be aware that some advertised prices still exist from 2020 which will need changing to update with the new 2021 prices, as the cost of most things will now be higher as they come in, mostly from abroad (ie brexit and the cost of raw materials) please check with us ref price, as we simply have not had time change all the prices for 2021 yet

Please also be aware that the is a high demand for a lot of the products, a shortage of supply, and a back log ref works required, so its wise to order/plan whats required well in advance. We think its likely that when we are out of lockdown we will be extremely busy as will will been in the busiest time of our year and i fear that everything will happen at once

Due to new brexit regs, we will not be exporting for the foreseeable future, sorry to say

we are obviously keen to have any business we can, so please keep in touch and we can try to have things ready and be as prepared as possible for when we are reopen and allowed to use boats etc
please email us with your requirements and we will respond accordingly.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.
good luck and stay safe.


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