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Honda outboard Pricing and information.
These prices are correct on (20/09/14) and are subject to change without notice.
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BF 2.3

Easy as child's play

The Honda BF2.3 outboard is lightweight, easily transportable and ideal for small boats, dinghies and canoes. And quite frankly, it's the engine that anyone can operate with no problem.

Powerfully simple

We've enhanced the BF2.3 with improved carburation to give you and your junior boaters more power - without increasing the engine weight. In fact, it offers the pest power/weight ration in its class. To ensure safe, trouble-free navigation every time, you can rely on easy one-hand access to both the throttle grip and the gear clutch, and an emergency kill switch that attaches directly to the operator's wrist.

Hassle-free navigation

The BF2.3 is the smallest 4-stroke engine equipped with a neutral point on the market, making it easy to stop the boat without having to kill the engine. Using the throttle grip, you can precisely adjust the engagement of the forward gear, giving you an accurate piloting touch. This comes in very handy when moving in and out of tight spots.

Lighter all around

The Honda BF2.3 is the lightest engine in the 3hp market, yet with all the benefits of Honda's 4-stroke technology. In addition, it is equipped with an integral 1 litre fuel tank and the engine is incredibly easy to remove and transport. It runs for up to 55 minutes at full throttle - all on a single tank of fuel!


  • Automatic clutch, offering smooth acceleration
  • Air cooled: ultra low-weight and easy maintenance
  • One litre built in fuel tank
  • Intake silencer reduces noise
  • Large, ergonomic carrying handle
  • Emergency kill switch
  • Throttle grip & gear clutch on tiller handle for one-hand operation
  • Bodensee compliant
  • 360deg. engine rotation for high manoeuvrability
  • Low-depth navigation position
  • Twis grip throttle for precise control
  • Lightweight compact design: easy to transport

2.3 SCHU £599
2.3 LCHU £649

Honda 5hp Outboard

Ready and reassured

When enjoyment is one of your top priorities, operating the engine shouldn't be a challenge. The BF5 integrates essential features that give the operator a maximum level of comfort, safety and performance.

Incredibly easy to carry

This powerful engine that carries you out to sea is the same engine you can carry back to your car with no problem. Thanks to it's lightweight design and ergonomic carrying handle, you can take them anywhere you go! You can enjoy all the benefits of Honda 4-stroke technology yet with an easily portable engine.

Surprisingly cost-efficient

Just like the rest of the Honda family, the BF5 is very low in maintenance costs and fuel consumption. And with all the nautical excitement you'll have, there's a good chance you'll get thirsty long before your engine does.

Just the right amount of muscle

You'll be able to take advantage of significantly higher engine displacement for more low and mid-range power. So, even at low revs, you'll have solid torque and the ability to move heavy hulls.


  • Large engine displacement for more power
  • More torque available at low / mid rpm
  • Digital CD Ignition, maintenance free, high energy output for quick and easy starting
  • Underwater exhaust to minimise noise
  • RCD compliant
  • Shallow-depth navigation position
  • Emergency kill switch
  • Forward-Neutral-Reverse gears
  • Start-in-gear security
  • Oil pressure indicator light
  • Front mount carrying handle


BF5 SU £999
BF5 SBU £1049

with battery charging

BF5 LU £999
BF5 LBU £1049

with battery charging

new bf 6hp s/s and l/s £1099
with integral tank

new bf 6hp s/s and l/s with 12v battery charging only £1149

Honda 8/10hp Outboards

Set sail for excitement

If your marine activities are incredibly diverse and you need the greatest level of flexibility possible, this is the engine you know you can rely on.

Manoeuvrability at your fingertips

The BF8/10 is equipped with a large gear-shifting lever located in the engine front, an easy to use throttle friction knob and a tool-less steering friction lever that allows very easy operation. Also, a unique shock absorber system with pendulum motion eliminates vibrations to let you cruise in total comfort.

Always rest assured

You need an engine that won't fail you, especially when you're far from shore. The BF8/10 gives you a range of valuable alert systems, including overheating, oil pressure and an over-rev limiter. So you'll always be sailing with confidence, no matter where your nautical adventures take you.


  • Digital ignition for optimum power supply
  • Power Thrust propeller kit available
  • Recoil start
  • RCD compliant
  • Pendulum motion engine mounts to eliminate vibration
  • Large and ergonomic carrying handle
  • Shallow-depth navigation position
  • Tool-less throttle and steering friction knobs
  • Oil pressure indicator light
  • Overheat / over-rev alert systems
  • 6 amp charging coil
  • Integrated carrying handle


BF8 SHU £1759
6amp charging coil
BF8 LHU £1795
6amp charging coil
BF8 LRU £2095
Long Shaft, Electric start, remote control, 12 amp charging coil

BF10 SHU £1950
6 amp charging coil
BF10 SRU £2395
short shaft, electric start, remote control,
12 amp charging coil
BF10 LHU £1995
6 amp charging coil
BF10 LHSU £2395
Long shaft, electric start, tiller control, 12 amp charging coil.
BF10 LRU £2395
Long shaft, electric start, remote control, 12 amp charging coil.

Honda 15/20hp Outboards


A completely new engine delivers unrivalled innovation to Honda's mid-power range. The BF15/20 is ideal for most pleasure boats, sailboats, aluminium craft, and smaller inflatable vessels. So now you can take the family out and make a splash!

Acceleration innovation

Providing smoother acceleration and enhanced fuel efficiency, Honda introduces to the BF15/20 its proven PGM-IG technology, a microprocessor controlled ignition system that optimises ignition timing at any speed. And for more security, you can rely on Honda's electronically controlled monitoring system.

Power Thrust to your destination

Already the lightest in their class, each engine is available as a Power Thrust version that boosts torque from low revs using specially designed propeller blades and a high efficiency gear case. And for more power the BF15/20 offers larger displacement than any other 15/20hp engine in the world.


  • Digital ignition for optimum power supply
  • Power Thrust versions available
  • Recoil start
  • RCD compliant
  • Gearshift lever located in engine front for easy manoeuvering
  • Pendulum motion engine mounts to eliminate vibration
  • Tool-less throttle and steering friction knobs
  • Oil pressure indicator light
  • Overheat / over-rev alert systems
  • Remote control or tiller version
  • 12 amp charging coil


BF15 SHU £2199
6 amp charging coil
BF15 SRU £2599
Short shaft, remote control, electric start,
12 amp charging coil
BF15 LHU £2199
6 amp charging coil
BF15 LRU £2599
Long shaft, remote control, electric start,
12 amp charging coil

BF20 SHU £2540
6 amp charging coil
BF20 SRU £2895
Short shaft, remote control, electric start,
12 amp charging coil
BF20 LRU £2995
6 amp charging coil
BF20 LRU £2995
Long shaft, remote control, electric start,
12 amp charging coil
BF20 LRTU £3250
Long shaft, remote control, electric start, power tilt, 12 amp charging coil.

Honda 30hp Outboard


Whether you want to vigorously explore nature's scenic inlands or simply plunge into complete serenity, the BF30 offers the smooth and reliable performance you need.

More features, more flexibility

The Honda BF30 is loaded with valuable new performance features. The 10% engine displacement increase ensures more power and a flat torque curve throughout the rpm range. The PGM-IG electronic ignition provides the optimum ignition timing at any engine speed improving the performance overall. And an auto-start enrichment system automatically adjusts the air/fuel ratio for quick and easy choke-free starting every time.

For your pleasure

To eliminate vibrations, this engine is equipped with double density shock absorbers and a high resistance frame. Recoil starting is very easy thanks to the mechanical decompressor and the extra long tiller handle offers perfect hand steering. And now with power trim and tilt, you can really get the best from your boat.

A breath of fresh air

Already the lightest in their class, each engine is available as a Power Thrust version that boosts torque from low revs using specially designed propeller blades and a high efficiency gear case.


  • 10% higher displacement for high power and torque
  • 3-cylinder configuration for light weight and smooth running
  • Electronic ignition, providing precision, efficiency and savings
  • Power trim and tilt versions available
  • RCD compliant
  • Extra long tiller handle providing more comfort and performance
  • Auto-start enrichment system with no choke command required
  • Oil pressure indicator light
  • Overheat / over-rev alert systems
  • 10amp charging coil


All Honda 30 Outboards are electric start

BF30 SHGU £4095
tiller control, 10 amp charging coil
BF30 SRTU £4499
short shaft, remote control, power trim and tilt, tacho and trim gauge, 10 amp charging coil

BF30 LHGU £4099
tiller control, long shaft, 10 amp charging coil
BF30 LRTU £4450
long shaft, remote control, power trim and tilt, tacho and trim gauge, 10 amp charging coil.

Honda 40/50 hp Outboard

The new BF40/50 outboard engine retains it's class-leading lightweight, compact packaging, enhanced with PGM-FI electronic fuel injection, Honda’s original BLAST (Boosted Low Speed Torque) air/fuel ratio and ignition-timing technology, and lean-burn control to deliver powerful startup and acceleration together with outstanding fuel economy during cruising.

BLAST, along with a newly designed gear case and other improvements, contributes to improved acceleration and a higher top speed, while lean-burn control results in a 22% improvement in fuel economy over the previous model during cruising. Battery charging capacity has also been increased to 17 amperes—over 1.7 times that of the previous model—to achieve class-topping charging performance.

PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) is a registered Honda trademark.

BLAST (Boosted Low Speed Torque) was first employed in the BF90 (90HP), released in November 2006. Particularly during acceleration, it effectively boosts performance by adjusting the air/fuel ratio for maximum torque while advancing ignition timing to its maximum pre-knock level to increase torque under full-load conditions.

Fuel economy as measured at 80% of rated engine rpm and 57% of rated output in EPA emissions mode (Honda calculations)

BF40/50 Key Features

  • Lightweight and compact
  • A reduction gear is employed to achieve compact engine layout by offsetting the in-line 3-cylinder engine forward, while a long-branch plastic inlet manifold and miniaturized electronic components further contribute to the class-topping lightweight, compact design.
  • Fuel economy · The PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system and lean-burn control during cruising (sustained operation at engine speeds of approx. 3,000~4,500rpm) contribute to around a 22% improvement over the previous model in fuel economy while cruising. The mode in which lean-burn control is used during cruising to achieve higher fuel economy is referred to as ECOmo (Economy COntrolled Motor) mode.
  • Operational performance · The new engines employ BLAST (Boosted Low Speed Torque) air/fuel ratio and ignition-timing technology, in which a computer selects the optimum ignition timing for the air/fuel ratio, resulting in improved acceleration.
  • A new streamlined gear case for reduced hydrodynamic drag, compact engine layout, and other lightweight technologies contribute to maximum speeds at the top of their class for small-displacement engines.
  • A large splash plate helps reduce water splash during operation.
  • Environmental performance · Noise levels have been reduced by 1.0dB over the previous model through such improvements as a longer exhaust pipe and an optimized rib design inside the upper portion of the extension case, for improved rigidity.
  • The new BF40 exhibits outstanding environmental performance, exceeding 2008 CARB (U.S. California Air Resources Board) emissions standards—the most stringent in the world. It also significantly exceeds both U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards for 2006 and domestic Japanese voluntary regulations.
  • The new model is 93.6% recyclable (Honda calculations).
  • Durability and reliability · A set of four warning lamps alerts the operator in the event of low oil pressure, overheating, charging malfunction, or PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system malfunction.
  • Waterproofing of the gear case has been enhanced with an optimized shift rod seal and other improvements.
  • Battery charging capacity · The new alternator is fitted with a multi-polar ACG featuring more generating coils than the previous model to achieve a 17-ampere battery charging capacity—at the top of its class for outboard engines with the same output.
  • Easy to install and maintain · As with the previous models, the new BF40 can be mated to a wide range of boat types due to it's lightweight, compact design.
  • The new model is compatible with Honda’s latest general purpose engine diagnostic systems.
  • A new one-touch plastic cap permits easy inspection of anode wear inside the engine, for significantly improved ease of maintenance.
  • Design · Like Honda’s larger outboard engines, the BF40 now features a striking ‘wing form’ design,emphasizing the design concept of slimness and strength.


BF40-50 engines have programmed fuel injection, electric start, remote control, 22 amp alternator, tacho and trim gauges.

BF40 LRTU £5199

BF50 LRTU £5995


bf 40-50 hp short shaft  and long shaft with tiller option, instead of remotes are roughly the same deal as the lrtu,
please call us for details

Honda 60hp Outboard

Honda Marine's all-new BF60 offers a host of Honda-exclusive technologies and benefits.


The all-new Honda BF60 EFI redefines four-stroke performance thanks to a full complement of performance and efficiency-oriented technologies. The engine's high-performance gear case and 2.07:1 gear ratio, coupled with Honda's revolutionary Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST) system, create a strong holeshot and competitive top-end speed. Additionally, trolling speeds adjustable to 750 RPM make the BF60 ideal for fishing. The BF60 is also available in a special Power Thrust configuration, which offers a unique Power Thrust gear case with a 2.33:1 gear ratio for increased thrust under heavier loads. Power Thrust also optimizes the BF60's 50-degree steering angle by providing additional thrust in close quarters for an astonishingly tight turning radius.


Delivering fuel to the Honda BF60's inline 3-cylinder, 998 cc engine is a Multi-Port Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system. Mated to a dynamic engine control module (ECM), EFI delivers easy starting and top fuel economy in a lightweight package.


Honda's exclusive Lean Burn Control system automatically adjusts the air/fuel mix according to speed and load, delivering best-in-class fuel efficiency in "cruise mode" from 3,000 to 4,500 rpm. The engine also realizes exceptional fuel efficiency at low rpm, and operates as low as 750 rpm for slow trolling.


The engine's best-in-class 22-amp alternator (17 amps charging), ignition, and other critical components are mounted near the top of the powerhead to ensure that all are kept cool and dry.
In addition to Honda's exclusive, double-sealed and multi-layered Four-Front Corrosion Protection (paint) System, the Honda BF60 EFI offers several other features designed to prevent damage caused by the harsh marine environment. A unique one-touch anode check system and improved waterproofing inside the engine cover and gear case are just a few of the innovative features Honda has added to promote the motor's long-term durability. Forward-mounted water pickups enhance the engine's cooling characteristics, while large sacrificial anodes have been added to the gear case to further deter corrosion. Finally, a freshwater flush port serves to remove salt water and debris from the engine after use, greatly improving the engine's long-term durability.

Ease of Maintenance

In addition to exceptional fuel efficiency and performance characteristics, the BF60 EFI also incorporates a number of features designed to facilitate maintenance. An automotive-type oil filter and color-coded oil fill and dipstick simplify fluid level checks and changes. Additionally, the Honda BF60 is compatible with Honda's HDS portable diagnostic system to facilitate on-water service.

BF60 EFI at a Glance

Best-In-Class Features

  • Best-in-class holeshot and top-end performance
  • Best-in-class fuel economy
  • High-performance gear case with low 2.07:1 gear ratio
  • Superior battery charging capacity

Honda-Exclusive Technologies

  • One-touch adjustable trolling speed (750 - 1,000 RPM)
  • Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST) system
  • Lean Burn Control with oxygen (O2) sensor
  • Rudder Angle Indicator
  • High-performance gear case design
  • 22-amp alternator with 17-amp charging capacity (Standard)
  • 27-amp alternator with 22-amp charging capacity (Power Thrust)
  • Best-in-class battery charging capacity
  • Tilt Limit Mechanism
  • 50-degree right-and-left steering angle (Power Thrust models)
  • Power Thrust model with 2.33:1 gear ratio
  • Patented 4-Front Corrosion Protection System

Ease Of Use

  • Multi-Port Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
  • Multiple cowl latch points for watertight seal and superior protection
  • Color-coded oil fill and dipstick
  • Trolls to 750 rpm
  • New adjustable-angle tiller handle
  • Complies with NMEA 2000 standards
  • Freshwater flush port
  • Rudder Angle Indicator
  • Reversible throttle control (tiller models)
  • Stainless steel components
  • Engine alert system
  • 3-step angle adjustable tiller handle (7°, 13°, 21°)
  • Top-mounted oil fill
  • Automotive-type oil filter
  • Engine command system


BF60 LRTU £7395


Honda 75/80/90/100hp Outboards


Head for the horizon with these completely redesigned, high-quality engines. In response to a demand for greater fuel efficiency in the mid-power range. Honda has created 2 revolutionary new models to blow the competition out of the water.

Outstanding performance

These top-of-the-range, super-powered engines offer explosive low speed acceleration with Honda's innovative BLAST system, plus MBT Trace Control for the best torque and additional advance. The BF90 also incorporates Honda's exclusive state-of-the-art VTEC valve-timing system for added torque, power and fuel-efficiency at any speed.

Lightweight champion

Lightest in their class and with a sleek, ergonomic design, both the 75 and 90 engines feature a streamlined, compact, low-profile body. With a hydrodynamically superior gearcase, small flywheel and 4-front Corrosion Protection System, smooth handling and long term durability is a promise.

Top class economy

Thanks to Honda's new electronic multi-port fuel injection system (EFI) and 2-way cooling system, these engines provide superior fuel efficiency. Providing emissions 20% lower than most 4-stroke competitors, Honda technology strives constantly to increase performance while decreasing consumption.


  • BLAST boosted low-speed torque for quick additional power during acceleration.
  • Best-in-class 40 amp battery charging capacity.
  • VTEC variable valve timing and Lift Electronic Control for high performance at any speed (BF90).
  • Programmed EFI electronic multi-port fuel injection delivers top fuel economy.
  • Lean Burn Feedback control adjusts air-fuel mix to maximise power.
  • High-performance gear case design for anti-splash and reduced drag.
  • 2-way cooling system for greatly reduced engine wear.
  • Torsion flywheel for smooth handling and hull manoeuverability.
  • Offset advanced crankshaft at ignition spark for reduced power stroke inertia.
  • Extra long 25" shaft available on BF90 and BF75 models as an option.











Honda 115hp Outboard

The all-new BF115 combines a 2.4 litre engine, the largest in its class*1, with the same BLAST*2 (Boosted Low Speed Torque) air/fuel ratio and ignition timing technology made popular in Honda's mid-to-large outboard engine series, to achieve prodigious acceleration along with outstanding torque characteristics over a wide range of engine speeds from low to high.

The versatile BF115 can be used in a broad range of applications, from fishing boats to runabouts for leisure use.

A lean-burn system has also been added, boosting fuel economy by 20%*3 over the previous model*4 to deliver a combination of powerful acceleration and outstanding fuel economy. The BF115's battery charging performance, the best in its class*5, helps support the ever-increasing need for onboard device power.

  • *1 115PS class
  • *2 Honda's proprietary acceleration-enhancing technology, the BLAST system boosts torque during sudden acceleration by simultaneously optimizing the air/fuel ratio and ignition timing.
  • *3 Honda calculations, based on fuel consumption in EPA EM measurement mode
  • *4 Honda calculations, compared to previous BF115 model
  • *5 115PS class (Honda calculations)

Key Features of the BF115

Acceleration and cruising performance

  • Honda's proprietary acceleration-enhancing technology, BLAST, enhances acceleration performance through simultaneous, computer-controlled optimization of the air/fuel ratio and ignition timing.
  • The DOHC 2.4 liter in-line 4-cylinder engine boasts the largest displacement in its class, ensuring torquey performance over a wide range of engine speeds and best-in-class top speed.
  • A large-diameter propeller with outstanding propulsion efficiency is matched with a 2.14 reduction gear ratio to deliver high-thrust power.

Fuel economy

  • The BF115 employs an LAF sensor*6-equipped, PGM-FI*7 electronic fuel injection system to achieve lean-burn control*8 while cruising*9, delivering best-in-class*10 cruising fuel economy.
  • *6 The LAF (Linear Air-Fuel ratio) sensor determines the engine combustion air/fuel ratio based on oxygen and unburned-fuel densities in the exhaust gas, allowing precise optimization of air/fuel ratios.
  • *7 PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) is a Honda registered trademark.
  • *8 The mode in which lean-burn control is used during cruising to achieve higher fuel economy is referred to as ECOmo.
  • *9 ‘Cruising' refers to the operating speed range in which engine speed is maintained at approximately 50-80% of maximum rpm, with the throttle wide open.
  • *10 115PS class (Honda calculations)


The BF115 is equipped with four warning lights, including an oil pressure alert, overheat alert, ACG warning, and PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system warning to detect any malfunction or irregularity and alert the operator.

Easy maintenance

  • A flush valve joint permits easy engine cleaning after use.
  • A two-piece under-cover promotes greater ease of maintenance.
  • The lightweight engine cover opens with a single lever for fast, easy removal.

Environmental performance

  • The BF115 displays outstanding environmental performance, surpassing US CARB*12 emissions standards*13-the most stringent in the world. It also exceeds secondary restrictions on marine engine emissions established by the Japan Boating Industry Association by a significant margin.
  • *12 CARB: California Air Resources Board
  • *13 Top rating (3 stars) for FY2008 (current product)


BF115 LU £9995
BF115 XU £9995

Honda 135/150hp Outboards


Packed with power and torque, the new Honda BF150 and BF135 are equipped with today's most advanced performance features. But thats not the only reason to be thrilled - they're also the cleanest and most economical engines in theire class. You can head out to sea with confidence and focus.

The multi-talented BF150

Honda's exclusive technologies offer you the optimum performance across the chole rpm range, Honda's VTEC valve timing, combined with the Variable Air Intake, are like having two engines in one. At low rpm, the engine delivers very high torque, allowing better acceleration. From mid-range to max rpm, the BF150 changes character with an impressive kick of top end power, without having to worry about heavy fuel consumption. You'll enjoy smooth boating at any revs!

Best on fuel economy

The BF150 and the BF135 feature a linear Air-fuel (LAF) sensor, which precisely measures the air/fuel ratio - giving you the most performance out of every drop. As a result, the engines burn 15% less fuel than direct injection 2-strokes and 45% less than conventional 2-strokes.

Ride the wave of comfort!

The BF150 and BF135 make no compromise between maximum performance and comfort. Smooth and precise gear shifting offers exceptional manoeuvrability. The twin balancer shafts reduce noise and vibration from the engine, providing a comfortable and enjoyable boating experience.


  • VTEC valve timing for a boost in power when you need it
  • Multipoint sequential programmed electronic fuel injection (PGM-FI)
  • Lean Burn Feedback control with LAF sensor maximising power and saving fuel by up to 20%
  • Variable air intake, offering more torque at low revs
  • 3-way individual engine cooling systems for highest power per displacement
  • Twin-balancer shaft system for extremely low vibration levels
  • External freshwater flushing port to protect against corrosion
  • 40-amp charging capacity, higher power for onboard needs
  • Inbuilt fuel/water separator
  • Engine alert system for oil pressure, overheat, over-revs
  • Counter rotation available to eliminate twin-engine torque effect


  • Type of 4-stroke: 4 cylinders inline DOHC
  • Rated power hp (kW): 150 (99.3)
  • Full Throttle RPM Range: 5000-6000
  • Carburation: Programmed Fuel Injection
  • Controls: Remote control
  • Starting System: Electric
  • Dimensions (l,w - mm): 845, 580
  • Transom Height (mm): 508
  • Dry Weight (kg): 217
  • 6 Year Domestic Warranty: Standard*

    *Domestic use only, subject to following the maintenance schedule


BF135 LU £10,795
BF135 XU £10,899

BF150 LU £11,995
BF150 XU £11,995

For Outboards over 150hp please call for details. 01392 250970